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death comes to pemberley + costumes

I would just like to thank everyone who read my post this morning: it made me feel even a little bit better that there’s a few people out there who know my situation and understand that I am struggling at the moment — as it seems that not many in my life quite understand how far down I am. I’ve been crying quite a lot today, but hopefully that’ll turn around soon! 

I never usually do this: I’m a masker. I mask everything. I suppose I just need someone to know. I feel pretty much alone at the moment - so even if one person reads this, then at least one person in this world will know, even if no-one understands. 

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iamthekingmakersdaughter: "Can you believe it?" Anne smiled. "Look, Izzy! They are all here for you." Her sister had just been crowned Queen of England, alongside George, Isabel's husband, who had just been crowned King. Her father had always wanted a Neville girl on the throne, in the hope that The House of Neville, combined with The House of York, would be the royal House of England. They were now in the great hall, at the coronation feast. Anne sat beside her sister, beaming. She was very proud of her big sister Iz.


                          The crown felt like the densest of metals upon her chestnut locks, leaving her neck to ache with pain from such a weight. It was not just the material of the crown that irked her, but she could feel the weight of the queendom upon her already. With the sound of her younger sister’s voice to her left, Isabel burst out of her reverie and the sounds of mirth and merriment within the room resumed around her. Reaching out, she took Anne’s hand in her own. ‘I can’t help but have a terribly odd feeling, Annie…’

myhairwasburningbridges: I just want to say.. I really miss you on my dash! :'(


ooooh, you are too sweet. it’s a wonderful feeling to be missed, and i hope that some recent activity will brighten up the dash a little! ^^ 

If you could pick a FC for me (the mun) who would it be, and why?


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