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                                    i s a b e l l a   n e v i l l e

                             t h e   k i n g m a k e r ’ s   d a u g h t e r    


blood status: muggle-born

house: slytherin

wand: 13”, Rowan, dragon heart-string core, swishy. 

patronus: the swan. 



     Isabella [Isabel] Neville, born 5 September 1451, was part of one of the wealthiest families in the country and was the eldest child of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick. It was unheard of to practise witchcraft in such a time period when the church abolished it with numerous executions of innocent women. It wasn’t until Isabel turned eleven, that the source of her unusual behaviour was revealed to her closest family members – a witch who had to bury her natural instincts was a difficult feat, but she mastered it. She was sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry until she was eighteen: her father told those around him that she had been sent off to study in the country so that she had no distractions throughout the year. Her summers were spent in blissful happiness at Warwick Castle, with her sister and cousins, until it came to the time when she had to depart once more for school under the pretence that she was perfecting her Latin, French and her dancing skills for various feasts and balls that she had to attend.


      It was a dangerous time for witches and wizards, and so it became dire that all those who possessed magic must refrain from telling muggles, in case of discovery. Isabel was sorted into Slytherin house despite her blood status as she had the key characteristics and traits that deemed her acceptable to take her place in such a noble house: her cat-like glare and natural instinct to pounce was what kept her safe in the confines of the dungeons where her blood status was she distasteful to those around her. It did not hinder her studies, however, as she desperately mastered all skills so that she could control them around others in the muggle world. She excelled at Ancient Runes and Potions, and was also quite talented at Charms near the end of her time at school.


      Isabel came to court after she left Hogwarts; leaving her identity as a witch behind her so that she could concentrate on marriage and child-bearing [as it was her duty at this time]. She was married to George Plantagenet, the Duke of Clarence, and younger brother to the current King of England. It was through this marriage that she had four children – two surviving her and two perishing in her arms shortly after birth. It was both grief for these dead children, and eventually her dead father, that led to her death in 1476. She developed childbed fever after the birth of her fourth and final child, and passed away. Her husband became mad after the death of his wife and had one of her ladies maids executed in suspicion of murder: George was soon arrested for treason and was executed in the tower of London. Her poor children were left to discover their magic on their own: but Isabel’s son’s life was brief and her eldest daughter died a most horrid death later on in her life and during the reign of Henry VIII.


      It is often said that Isabel Neville’s ghost can often be found wandering the corridors of Hogwarts; mourning the deaths of her poor children and unfortunate husband, wringing her hands and wailing during the dead of night. She seeks revenge for those who have wronged her family and is known to wander the dungeons with a fiery temper.  


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